Total Devices

Stats from to now (live)

How do we get this info?

When the updater asks our server for a new update, it also sends info about the device so it gets the right update. The info it updater sends looks like this:
Ubuntu System Image Upgrade Client: device=FP2;channel=ubports-touch/legacy;build=10
with this info we can calculate how many devices asked for an update and using the IP-address we can find out if this is a new or returning device, as well as what country the request came from.

How accurate is this?

Since we only rely on info we get when a device is asking for an update, this is not 100% accurate but the result will show how many devices are asking for updates

How much info does the updater send?

The only info the updater sends is what device it is (example: Fairphone 2), what update channel it's using (example: stable) and what ota version it it (example: 10)

You can find the source for this webpage here.